Some Things About Us


Coming to the Rescue

The Lice Lab’s mission is to empower all Moms and Dads to deal with lice through education, prevention and treatment.

If you are a parent with school-aged children, you have, most likely, had to deal with head lice. Let’s face it, they are annoying and can cost you hours and hours of time and money trying to fight them. Here, at The Lice Lab, you can leave the headache to us.

Best In The Biz

We are one of only two Shepherd Method salons in Miami-Dade & Broward counties. The Shepherd Method was developed by Katie Shepherd. It is a SAFE, NON-TOXIC, strand-by-strand technique. Our method is widely considered the best and most effective solution for lice removal. We offer mobile services in the comfort of your home, or salon services in our beautiful, new Miami Shores salon.

When you leave our salon, you can feel comfortable knowing your child is nit and lice free. You will leave more educated about head lice and know exactly what to do to help prevent future infestations. Furthermore, you will be empowered instead of victimized by these nuisances!

My mission is to empower everyone to deal with lice through education, prevention and non-toxic treatment.”

Dawn Greenberg


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