Lice Treatment:
Why The Shepherd Method Works Best

School has started and daily routines are in full swing – from pickups and drop-offs to field trips and late nights finishing book reports. A major source of disruption to these daily routines (and the bane of every parent’s existence) is the dreaded moment when their child brings home head lice. Though lice are not harmful to health in the grand scheme of things, they are extremely irritating and can plague the whole family for months.

When lice invade the home, every parent will take desperate measures to get rid of them, and afflicted children are nearly traumatized from the whole frustrating experience. Shampoos, combs, essential oils, petroleum jelly, and even mayonnaise head wraps are utilized to bring an end to the tough-to-kill pests, often to no avail. But there is a better way of defeating lice that will save you months of tears and headaches. Treat lice once and for all with The Shepherd Method, and skip the less effective and sometimes harmful treatments.

The Common Lice Removal Experience

The process of lice removal can be a painful and exasperating cycle of head washing, drying, combing, and head scanning. Pillows, blankets, towels, stuffed animals, and clothes get washed and quarantined: the entire house is thrown into disarray when these unwanted guests arrive. Lice are extremely resilient, and they have become immune to many of the over-the-counter options on the market today. What’s worse is these chemical treatments are toxic and can cause skin and eye irritation as well as much more serious illnesses, and they are not very effective. Even if all lice are removed from the head, their eggs, or nits, sometimes remain and start the cycle all over again. Many parents try to suffocate lice with olive oil or mayonnaise treatments, or by dunking the head under water, but the problem with this is that lice can survive without breathing for hours. These methods are sub par, and rarely do they get rid of lice the first time around.

The Shepherd Method: A Better Way

The Shepherd Method is designed as the effective alternative to the “old ways” of removing head lice. Founded by lice expert Katie Shepherd two decades ago, this method is a one-and-done means of treating lice, compared to the seemingly endless cycle of treatments that parents are used to. The Shepherd Method is a strand-by-strand approach that ensures that the entire head is clear of lice from the outset so that multiple treatments aren’t necessary. And compared to many of the products on the market, The Shepherd Method is safe and non-toxic, free of harmful and irritating chemicals. The Shepherd Method employs extensive knowledge of how lice thrive and what methods actually get rid of them, so that unnecessary and unhelpful treatment exercises can be avoided altogether.

The Lice Lab is Shepherd Method Certified

The Shepherd Institute provides training and certification in The Shepherd Method, so that parents around the world can conquer head lice infestation when it hits. At The Lice Lab, we are proud to be certified practitioners of The Shepherds Method of Lice Removal. Our founder Dawn Greenberg trained with Katie Shepherd and is proud to offer the same empowering information and methods that are working to stop lice around the world. Schedule an appointment with us today at our Miami Shores salon, or have us come to you in the comfort and privacy of your own home. We will make sure your family is lice-free through the meticulous strand-by-strand removal process and further education about how to prevent another outbreak. To receive the safest and most effective lice treatment and to bring peace back to your home, contact us today.